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Top Coliving Markets

Find Affordable and Flexible Shared Apartments under $1,000 a Month

New York City

Shared from $680
Private from $1,010

Los Angeles

Shared from $695
Private from $995

San Fransisco

Shared from $690
Private from $995

New York City Coliving

Recommended Coliving Spaces in NYC

Shared Easy

  • Shared rooms from $650-810 (5 locations)
  • Private rooms from $1,150-1,590 (8 locations)

Outpost Club

  • Shared rooms from $650-740 (5 locations)
  • Private rooms from $840-1,190 (17 locations)

Los Angeles Coliving

Recommended Coliving Spaces in LA

  • Shared rooms from $699 (2 locations)
  • Locations: Hollywood & East Hollywood


  • Shared rooms from $840-1,000 (6 locations)
  •  Locations: Venice, Westwood, Hollywood, Los Feliz, Downtown Arts District

Best Coliving Booking Platforms is the #1 discovery and booking platform with over 15k listings in 120+ cities and 45+ countries. is a quickly growing booking platform with listings throughout the United States and the world. Book online using their website or from your iPhone.

How to Book a Coliving Space

Choose a Location

Enter the city you want to move to

Customize Results

Edit criteria to include preferences such as stay dates, room type, price, and amenities.

Browse Listings

Ask questions to operator or by using live chat.

Choose a Property

Find a property you like and apply or request to stay.

Wait for Response

The operator will review your application and approve or deny your stay request.

Pay Rent and Deposit

If approved, you'll pay the rent and security deposit (if applicable) up-front.

Move In

Once you're paid all you'll have left to do is move in and meet your roommates!

Move Around City (optional)

Don't want to stay in one place the whole year? Coliving has flexible leases starting at 30 days allowing you to stay in locations around the city.

Move Around the States or the World (optional)

Live in coliving locations in other US cities or around the world.

How to Compare Coliving Spaces

Compare coliving listings like a pro with these five tips

TIP #1: Rooms can be either shared or private.
Shared rooms can have beds, bunks, or even pods. Make sure you know how many people you’re sharing the room, if it’s mixed/co-ed or same-sex, and if it has a bathroom in-suite (in the room).

TIP #2: Rooms are furnished.
Ask questions to determine the quality of the furniture and layout of the room (if not described in listing or showing in the photos). For the bed ask about the size (twin, twin XL, full, or queen), firmness of the mattress (soft to firm), thread count of the pillows and fabric of the sheets. Also, ask if they’re included or an extra charge and if you’re allowed to bring your own.

TIP #3: Utilities are included.
Ask about the WiFi speed, if the TV has a cable plan or streaming services, what the AC temperature is generally set at.

TIP #4: Properties may have extra features and amenities.
A rooftop or backyard patio or stunning view as pluses. Also a gym and washer/dryer on-site. A co-working space is typically included but make sure it’s more than just working from the kitchen table.

TIP #5: Know who you’ll be sharing the space with.
Ask if you can meet the roommates before accepting an offer. 
Look for interests you have in common. Ask about the occupancy (max and current number of residents). Ask if there’s any other uses of the property. This is important because some co-living spaces operate multiple businesses out of the same location. Coliving is becoming more commonly combined with a co-working space (open to public), retail such as a bar or restaurant, and a hostel or Airbnb for short-term lodging for travelers visiting the city. 

Now pull all the details together to picture what it’ll be like

Overview: There’s 12 people with space for up to 16, four rooms with four each, and four full a one half bathroom. A special feature is the rooftop patio which includes a swimming pool and BBQ area. 

Bedroom: The bedroom includes storage under the bed (lock not provided) and each bed is twin XL (80 inches in length) with a medium-to-firm mattress. Bring your own sheets and bedding or they can be provided for an extra $50 for hotel-quality bedding. A bathroom is inside the room.

Kitchen: The kitchen has two fridges and includes plates and utensils. There’s a dining room table and bar stools. 

Amenities: A 70 inch TV with streaming services is in the common area. The WiFi speed is 1 GB. 

Neighborhood: There’s a Trader Joe’s next door and a Smith’s within walking distance. A bike share rack is a 5 minute walk to the bus and rail line.

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