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Most frequently asked questions about coliving

What is coliving?

Coliving is shared housing that is affordable, flexible, and community driven. Coliving spaces can be rented in large urban cities around the world on 30 day leases and at all inclusive rates of $1,000 a month of less. 

What cities can I find coliving in?

Coliving is in most major metros throughout the world. In the United States the most popular coliving cities are Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City.  

How much does it cost to live in a coliving space in the United States?

Coliving in America can range in price from $500 to $1,500 depending on the room type and location. Shared rooms typically cost $700-800 per month and private rooms are around $1,200.

What types of people typically live in coliving?

Coliving attracts people from all over the world with diverse backgrounds and beliefs. You may find yourself living with actors, artists, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, gig workers, students, retirees, and young professionals. 

What are the pros and cons of coliving?


  • Affordable – Rates are less than traditional apartments.
  • Flexible – Leases are 1-12 months in length.
  • All Inclusive – Rent includes utilities, basic supplies, and rooms come furnished.
  • Community Driven – It’s less lonely and more fun living with other people. Members of coliving spaces join for the social interaction that is facilitated through community  gatherings and events.
  • Privacy – Less space to yourself and for storage.
  • Noise  – More people generally means more noise. Quiet hours help to limit noise when sleeping.  
  • Cleanliness – Keeping a coliving space clean requires everyone doing their part. From the dishes to the toilet to the bathroom.

How do I know if coliving is right for me?

While coliving can work for many situations you should meet at least some of the following criteria*:

  • Single
  • Age: 20s or 30s
  • $20k+ income or 2x rent in savings
  • Clean background and high credit score
  • Flexible job (Work from home)
  • No pets
  • Few possessions
  • Willing to use public transit for transportation
  • Willing to live with a large diverse group of people
* Coliving operators can make decisions of who to accept at their own discretion. They will run a background check and may look at an applicants credit history.

How can I find a coliving space to rent?

The easiest way to find coliving spaces is to use search engines that specialize in long-term stays. There are two leading marketplaces: Read this blog post to learn how to book and compare coliving spaces Tip: Coliving isn’t just in the USA. It’s in over 45 countries. It can provide the option to live and travel abroad affordably..

What support can you provide?

Freedom Coliving offers a free service to our community called Coliving Concierge. I will personally answer any questions you have about coliving by e-mail, text, or by a video call.

This service helps meet my mission of providing people with information and resources to join the coliving movement.  

Get in touch and let’s talk about coliving:

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