About Freedom Coliving

Derek Baker

Founder, Freedom Coliving

Hi, I’m Derek. I started Freedom Coliving to document my life as a digital nomad traveling around the US and the world. I’m both frugal and a minimalist. Simple and easy going. I make money from real estate and stock market investments.

In 2021, I’m on the move. I’ll live in the three largest cities in the US (New York, LA, and Chicago) on a $1,200 a month budget, bringing just a backpack. I’ll stay in shared housing (coliving) spaces.  My stay length will be at least 30 days up to 90. 

I’ll be sharing all the inside details for planning my trip and the day-to-day while I’m on it. My goal is to inspire others to live a life of freedom by using coliving (communal living). This new housing category is growing quickly across the world and allowing flexibility and affordability that has never existed before in travel.

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I’m traveling solo but I’ll be living in a shared space with dozens of roommates. Making friends shouldn’t be a problem. Keeping myself focused and on task could be. It may be too high energy for me as an introvert. I’ll need to develop a routine and work extra hard when creativity is there.

I’m trying out a new form of living. Investing my money, time, and energy into it. I’m an early adopter and proud to lead the way for others who want to follow me and join the coliving movement.