Living Affordably and Flexibly in the Largest US Cities with Coliving

About My Travel Challenge

Hi, I’m Derek. I started Freedom Coliving to document my life as a digital nomad traveling around the US and the world. I’m both frugal and a minimalist. Simple and easy going. I make money from real estate and stock market investments.

In 2021, I’ll live in the largest cities in the US (New York, and Los Angeles) on a $1,200 a month budget, bringing just a backpack. I’ll stay in shared housing (coliving) spaces.  My stay length will be at least 30 days up to 90. 

I’ll be sharing all the inside details for planning my trip and the day-to-day while I’m on it. My goal is to inspire others to live a life of freedom by using coliving (communal living). This new housing category is growing quickly across the world and allowing flexibility and affordability that has never existed before in travel.

My Travel Plan

For 2021, I’ll be coliving in the two largest US cities, New York and Los Angeles, for 2-3 months each. My budget is $1,200 per month ($40 per day) including all my spending. 

June – August

October – November


All Other Dates

* = Coliving ** = Hostel


Los Angeles*

New York*


Austin, Detroit, or Las Vegas

For 2022, I’ll be adding international travel but staying close to the United States and at hostels. For my domestic travel, I’ll be visiting new cities: Philadelphia on the east and San Francisco on the west coast

West Coast 

East Coast

Travel Abroad

* = Coliving ** = Hostel


San Francisco & Los Angeles*

Philadelphia & New York*

Mexico and/or Canada**

For 2023, I’ll be adding international travel and staying at coliving spaces abroad for the first time. For my domestic travel, I’ll be visiting new cities: Boston and Miami on the east and Seattle and Portland on the west coast.

West Coast 

East Coast

Travel Abroad

* = Coliving ** = Hostel


Seattle & Portland*

Boston & Miami*

Europe & Asia**

My Coliving Budget

Coliving Space Rent


Public Transit

Cell Phone

Health Care


Total Expenses:








$1,200 per month

2021 Coliving Goals

$1,200 Monthly Budget

Live on less in the big city

Connect with Roommates

Meet new people

Explore the City

Get to know the local area

Give Back

Share my skills and knowledge with the community

Long-Term Coliving Goals

My Own Space

Start a coliving space to have a home base for 6-12 people

Access Anywhere

Combine the coliving space with the van life movement for ultimate affordability and flexibility.

A New Path

Live a life meaningful life on less and allow others to live that life with me.

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